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About Us

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Al Noof Recruitment Services was found by Amna Abdul Rahman in the year 1992. Since then it's been catering to the recruitment course of action of loads of Private & Government organizations in Qatar and even fulfilling domestic demands.

One size does NOT fit all..

We do not at hand rigid recruitment solutions; instead we put forward flexible plans for you. Al Noof's flexible approach means you choose the required recruitment and HR services you need & the time of realization.
Al Noof portray on a range of skills, leading-edge tools and recognized assessment techniques that are customized to meet your needs, to make certain that it always validate your recruitment decision.We work to your agenda and deadlines.

There is transparency in our service and we are available 24 hours on all working days.


Our goal is to be the best and most effective recruitment agency in Qatar that brings contentment to our Clients. This ambition is attainable through building long-term relations with clients on the basis of high standards, commitment to meet deadline of manpower supply and strong client focus.


Mujali Faraj Ali al Fahad: He is Al Noof's illustrious Chairman. His dynamic ideas and guidelines are a result of his vast experience in many businesses. He is a retired professional of Ministry of Finance, Qatar and he owns a number of businesses like Al-Jadara Group, etc.

Amna Abdul Rahman : She is the distinguished founder of Al Noof Recruitment services. She has laid the foundation for a strong and effective company, which aims to be the leader in its field. Since 1992, her influence is huge in the day to day running of Al Noof's Activities with vast contribution of his industry experience. His south-east Asia's contacts make Al Noof to full fill all skilled & unskilled market demands.

Shaikh Mohammad Sharif : Designated as Manager plays a key role in managing & controlling business activities. He is know for his vast people handling skills whether its customers or candidates, he forms bridges between all. His 12+ years experience in Recruitment industry has brought rich dividends to the company and to those who have done business with it.


The achievement of clear business goals is premise for our success. This is communicated by management in objectives dialogs with our Staff. Together we define a scope to reach the goals. The high capability of professionalism in our Staff enables the achievement of these objectives.

We give our employees the required free will to do a first-rate work. Responsibility in dealing with resources of the company and loyalty are required for a successful joint effort.

Al Noof wants to get to the paramount performance with the best human resources. If we want to linger true to our high quality principles, we have the possibility to be further more a step ahead with our recruitment solutions.

Our high-performance teams work together to ensure success for us, them and most importantly, YOU.


AL NOOF UNIQUE RECRUITMENT STRATEGY If you are thinking that we articulate what other recruitment agencies too are, then think again...

We have something that the competition doesn't. We don't think like business owner, we think like clients, we sense from your point of vision - something that so many businesses forget to do once they've started making decent profits. By putting ourselves in our clients' shoes first and foremost - we know what you want - and we deliver.

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU... Al Noof can help you attract, develop and retain quality staff across all specializations from accounting, financial services, human resources, legal and office support, sales & marketing, technical & operations and IT.

Our specialist recruitment consultants have real-world experience in their area of expertise and offer the benefits of in-depth industry knowledge and professional networks. They way we earn the loyalty of clients and candidates.

Before selecting candidates we perform Employee Verification to separate the good and the bad. Later we organize skill Workshops to test and hone the skills of the selected candidates. Once that is over we offer personalized services to our Clients as per their requirement. You tell & we customize. Once you have hired our people we start the Employer's Feedback program to know your observations.

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